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“ In the first month alone we had 75 to 85 new customers . . .

we’ve got so much business, I don’t even know what to do with it.”

—Dr. Timothy Raborn, Owner of Raborn Dental, Baton Rouge , Louisiana

Testimonials from Daktronics LED Screen owners.

“ The display surpassed our expectations. We have received many

positive comments, and the sign has attracted new tenants as well.”

—Marianne Herring, Leighton & Leighton, P. C., San Antonio, Texas

“ Our display made a splash from day one. This was particularly evident when we included our very first video ad for an upcoming performance on the display. Our client was so surprised by the volume of sales that week, she called me to see what was going on. When I informed her that the ad was up, she was delighted.”

— Catriona Macfarlane-Davies, Marketing & Communications, Manitoba Centennial Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba


“ People in our store will read the display and say ‘I didn’t know you had that service,’ and they ask for it to be done to their car. The display is very powerful in that way.”

— Randy Groover, Owner, Texaco® Xpress Lube®, San Antonio, Texas