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Digital Display Return on Investment Work Sheet

To help you understand the potential of a new display, fill out the following work sheet.


Let’s assume that your new digital display increases your business by just 15%.

(Installing a manual or electronic changeable board increases revenue a minimum of 15 percent up to 150 percent.)1



1. What does a typical business day yield? ______________ dollars


2. Multiply question1 total by 15%: ______________ dollar increase per day

(Example: $1,000 per day x .15 = $150 increase)


3. Multiply question 2 total by 5: ______________ dollar increase per week

(Assuming 5 business days per week)


4. Multiply question 3 total by 52: ______________ total annual increase


1 International Sign Association, Signline #40, 2003

Front-Door Audience Work Sheet

Fill out this work sheet for insight into the number of new customers a display can bring you.


1. According to city traffic counts, how many cars pass your facility every day?        ____________ cars


2. Multiply question 1 by an average of 1.5 people per car:                                          ____________ cars/people


3. What estimated percentage of your front door audience

currently does business with you?                                                                                   ____________ percentage


4. Multiply question 3 by the total in question 2:                                                             ____________ Estimated total of front door

(Example: If #2 total is 75,000 with 5% doing business with you, 75,000 x .05 = 3,750).                                                    audience now doing business

                                                                                                                                                                        with you

5. Subtract the total in question 4 from the total in question 2:

(Example: 75,000 – 3,750 = 71, 250).                                                                                                                        ________________ Potential new customers for you


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LED Sign worksheet